STINMOD+ is an advanced tax microsimulation model that can be used to evaluate the distributional and fiscal impact of tax and transfer policies. The model covers all major taxation and welfare schemes in Australia, and has a consistent and up-to-date policy database from 2001 onwards, including comprehensive income and asset testing.

The model is often used to analyse the impact of federal budget (See our Budget 2016/2017 analysis) and can produce detailed policy impact analysis by household income quintile, region and family types. STINMOD+ can be potentially integrated with other software, including but not limited to a web interface, SAS, Stata, and R.


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May 10

The governing rhetoric around the Australian Budget has clearly shifted since 2016 from narratives focusing on “budget repair” to an emphasis on “jobs and growth” through bigger government spending by a “listening government” committed to “fairness, opportunity and security for all Aus...

Apr 18

The presentation will discuss STINMOD+ online, its interface and its website.



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