STINMOD+ is a powerful solution to unlocking the financial impact of taxation policies in Australia.

Taxation and welfare schemes are constantly evolving, and assessing the actual financial impacts on both individuals as well as whole populations is becoming increasingly difficult.

STINMOD+ provides simple, easy to use tools to help answer all your taxation questions. So whether you're an individual wanting to understand the impact of the Federal Budget, or a professional looking to undertake complex taxation policy analysis and economic modeling, STINMOD+ is the perfect solution.

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STINMOD+ Premium

Offering advanced, up to-the-minute, microsimulation models for complex tax and transfer policy analysis and economic modelling.

This service is perfect for economists, financial analysts, taxation professionals, and anyone undertaking comprehensive tax analysis.

For a customised microsimulation model designed to meet your specific objectives, please contact the STINMOD+ team here.

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Free tools

Family impact model

Find out how much tax you should be paying, and if you're eligible for any social welfare benefits.

This service is perfect for personal research, journalists, financial advisers, and anyone interested in taxation updates at a household level. The model can be accessed here

Population impact model

Discover the impact of the federal tax and transfer policies across the entire Australian population. The model can be accessed here