Family Impact Model for Individual Households

This model has been updated to reflect the budget measures 2020-21 but has not been updated for 2021-22

This calculator allows you to estimate how much tax you should pay and how much benefit you could be eligible to receive in the current financial year given your family circumstances. You can generate your family information by following the questionnaires below. Please click the icon to get more information.

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Disclaimer: This general public access model is designed to provide general and indicative information on how the budget may impact upon you and your family. By using this model, you acknowledge and agree that the information generated by it should not be considered as expert advice and will not necessarily be tailored to, or reflective of, your circumstances. UC and NASTEM do not represent or guarantee the accuracy, reliability or currency of information generated through this model. You should not rely on the information generated by the model for any reason and UC and NATSEM disclaim all liability for any decisions or actions you may take in relation to the information provided by this model. If you find any errors on this website or in relation to the model, please let us know. If you have concerns about the impact of the budget or your financial situation, we recommend you consider seeking professional advice. STINMOD+ backend computation is powered by Symberra.